A note from our Founder, Keshia Chanté

Founder: Keshia Chante


“For as long I can remember, it has always been a struggle finding good quality haircare products for textured hair. As a little girl, the options of what my mother felt comfortable using on me were extremely limited. Protective of my curls, she created recipes at home, using pure ingredients to style my locks with soft braids and twists. My hair thrived.

That was until I turned 13 and my career in music and television began. My hair quickly became my signature but maintaining it would prove to be a challenge. I learned the harsh reality that textured hair was not a part of the conversation – from products with dangerous ingredients, to professional stylists who literally did not know what to do with me. (Honey, I’ve got horror stories!) My hair journey was a rollercoaster. I experienced everything from hair loss, breakage, curl damage, shedding, brittleness, extreme frizz, bald spots— you name it. I would get home after a long day on-set and cry. Countless times I’ve had to repair my hair back to life with homemade oils and hair masks or rushing to the hair salon for some urgent TLC. 

A few years ago, I searched endlessly for products for textured hair and I was horrified. Not only are we not represented at all in the luxury category, but many of the products are still made with ingredients that are toxic, unclean, unnatural, or, inauthentically mass produced. I couldn’t believe this was still going on. It activated a fire in me. This felt deeply personal and important. 

I decided to dedicate 120 hours a week studying formulating, chemistry and how to elevate my recipes even further so that I could share my haircare secrets with you. I put together a team of organic chemists and experts with a shared passion for hair wellness to advance my formulas ever further. After thousands of hours perfecting, testing, carefully sourcing and analyzing scientific research— born was a breakthrough! I’ve witnessed some truly incredible results on my hair. I shared products with family and friends, and was elated by the rave reviews. I had Celebrity Hairstylists curious to know why my hair was so shiny and soft. 

Finally, it’s time to breathe fresh air into a new era of hair care for ALL hair types. Straight, wavy, curly, kinky or coily - we ALL deserve luxurious and clean products. Happy Healthy Hair is only a few drops away. No longer just for me, now it’s for you. 

My belief is simple: Sharing is KHAIRING