We never use silicones, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, petrolatum, or synthetic fragrances, nor do we do animal testing. We follow Sephora’s Clean Beauty Guidelines. Natural to us means every ingredient is naturally derived. You can expect our ingredients to be vegan, organic, or plant-derived, even down to our fragrance. Our fragrance is 100% plant-derived and gives you that indulgent, bougie self-care experience without the use of artificial or synthetic ingredients.

Did you know that your scalp ages 5x faster than your face? It’s scary but true. We believe scalp care should be just as important as your skincare routine, so we designed formulas that are enriched with scalp-healthy ingredients, including beloved anti-aging ingredients found in luxury skincare products and exotic treasures responsibly sourced from around the world.

Where the beauty industry tells us what they think we want, KHAIR makes what we actually need. Consider us a hair haven where individuality is celebrated through intention and a true understanding of your hair needs.