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The Multi-Hyphenate Entertainer’s new line KHAIR (Pronounced CARE) Offers Clean, Vegan, Cruelty-Free Products for Consumers with a Wide Range of Hair Care Needs

TORONTO, ON (FEBRUARY 13, 2023) – One of Canada’s most versatile and acclaimed stars @KESHIACHANTE is adding product designer to her long list of impressive talents with the highly-anticipated launch of her natural and luxurious products for all hair types. With products ranging from hair oils to hair masks, KHAIR combines its CEO’s immense love for plants with her equal adoration for opulence to deliver revolutionary high-performance essentials that can enhance everyone’s hair wellness naturally.

“For as long as I can remember, it has always been a struggle finding quality products for textured hair, and those that I do find are often filled with toxic, unnatural chemicals or they’re inauthentically mass produced,” said Keshia Chanté. “My hair journey has been a rollercoaster with everything from hair loss, breakage, shedding, brittleness, extreme frizz, and bald spots…honey, I’ve got horror stories.”

Never one to see a challenge and not seek a solution, Keshia Chanté turned the isolating nature of the pandemic into a period of reflection and revolution, spending 20 hour days and sleepless nights studying chemistry, pouring over research and data, and formulating recipes to elevate the homemade mixtures her mother relied on to protect her hair during childhood and well into her teens when she was signed to a major record label. On film sets, her hair was often in the hands of stylists who were unfamiliar with how to care for, manage or style her curls.

“My hair quickly became my signature as soon as I started my career in music and TV, but maintaining it was another story,” said Chanté. “I learned the harsh reality that textured hair was not a part of the overall beauty conversation, nor was it taught in cosmetology school, and, despite some progress, we are still underserved. There is still a huge lack of transparency and inclusion within this space.” 

Driven by a strong desire to ensure that current and future generations no longer experience that feeling of being excluded, Keshia Chanté, and the premier team of chemists and experts she assembled, advanced formulas, consciously crafted, carefully sourced, tested, and perfected their processes and ingredient combinations and are ready to roll out the first of many products to come - two hair oils entitled THE HAIR OIL, which includes Soft for fine, medium, straight, wavy, or oily hair and Extra Rich for curly, coily, thick or dry hair; both free from silicones, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, petrolatum, alcohol, or synthetic fragrances. 

“This entire journey has been self-funded – bootstrapped from the bottom up…I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, I was totally immersed in every aspect of the process. This is deeply personal,” said Chanté. “I am eternally grateful to my devoted team of collaborators and to my family and friends who have tested the products, along with me, and have been giving it rave reviews. Even celebrity stylists have been asking why my hair feels so soft and looks so shiny; I am truly excited that healthier hair is just a few drops away.”

Taking risks is nothing new for this multi-talented trailblazer who burst onto the music scene at 13 and quickly became an artistic force to be reckoned with thanks to a string of chart-topping singles including “Unpredictable,” “Bad Boy,” “Does He Love Me,” “Been Gone,” “2U” and “Fallen” featuring Drake. Her single “Table Dancer” extended beyond the borders, landing at #1 on Japan’s Billboard Digital Chart and in the Top 10 on their Billboard Hot 100 Chart. Keshia Chanté’s well-documented legacy was further cemented when Drake cited her as “a real legend” while she performed at his OVO weekend All Canadian North Stars show. Drake highlighted her as one of the iconic names in Canadian Hip Hop and R&B history, who helped paved the way for him and others to follow. The sold-out crowd belting out every word to Keshia’s hits showcased the significant impact she continues to have.

“It’s clear from the many hats I wear that I have many interests, but my heart will always be rooted in music, my middle name literally means ‘to sing’ in French,” said Chanté. “My passion is exploring all forms of creative expression. Whether I’m writing a song, performing on stage, hosting television, or developing beauty products, I just want to create beautiful things that bring people joy.”

Keshia Chanté is currently enjoying the best of both worlds residing in Los Angeles, conducting coveted interviews with Hollywood’s elite for Entertainment Tonight Canada, a privilege she doesn’t take for granted since it not only keeps her connected to home, but also gives her the opportunity to utilize her comedic and insightful skills to entertain audiences with some of the biggest stars on the planet including former First Lady Michelle Obama, Robert De Niro, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Denzel Washington, Mariah Carey, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and Jennifer Aniston to name a few. Chanté recently became the winner of a Canadian Screen Award for Best TV Host. As an actor, Chanté had recurring guest star roles on the shows Blood & Treasure, Jann, and Private Eyes

The great news is the best is yet to come. Given her successful 20+ year career in entertainment, earning countless awards and accolades, her trademark style, and reputation as a hands-on, consummate professional and true philanthropist, Keshia Chanté’s deep desire to leave a lasting legacy is a wish that has already come true